Success Stories

Marakana was beginning a new growth phase about to absorb every bit of team time and needed a completely managed phone system that could grow and connect team members world-wide – cheaply, effectively with all the features of a full box-on-the-wall PBX.

They chose Prophonos because of our commitment to make the phone system work with minimal company involvement. Prophonos created the new PBX, programmed the phones, delivered the phones, integrated existing PBX trunks, and had employees dialing three digits to any other employee, anywhere in the world at no cost on Marakana’s timeline.

Armour + Vokic: Needed really high voice quality — Polycom HD Voice handsets were a great improvement over analog

Blackfire Investors: A fully managed phone system was key for their short-term office suite business

Connexed: With field-based and home-based employees, the Prophonos hosted solution made perfect sense

Tahoe Getaways: Linking a new office, tracking and recording calls and highly flexible call routing was key

Kinetics Foundation: Their special need was sequential numbers for voice, fax, and conference line for each employee

Sundia: Prophonos replaced an on-site phone system with reliability issues